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Cocktails de la catégorie Simple

Les meilleurs cocktails les plus simple. Ceux avec très peu d'ingrédients et des ingrédients faciles à trouver.

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  1. Refresher 8,0/10

    Pure blue orange indulgence!
    Par whitehorse

  2. Pimm's Tropical Lounger 8,0/10

    Refreshing Mango and Passionfruit cocktail infused with Pimm's, Cherry Brandy, Cointreau & Lime. Perfect for a slow summer drink.
    Par Wilky25

  3. Gin FizzGin Fizz 8,0/10

    A classic refreshing summer drink very similar to the Collins.
    Par David

  4. Sloe ScrewSloe Screw 8,0/10

    Un Screwdriver fait avec du Sloe gin.
    Par David

  5. Vodka KiwiVodka Kiwi 8,0/10

    A simple kiwi drink
    Par AMIR

  6. Fire Starter CoffeeFire Starter Coffee 8,0/10

    Cinnamon flavoured irish coffee.
    Par PeatFreak

  7. Second Opinion 8,0/10

    A quick and easy drink for parties and relaxing with friends. A response to the Cuba Libre.
    Par Laertes Ursus

  8. Scotty's Chocolate Orange 8,0/10

    A simple and flavorful cocktail mixing the strength of scotch with the sweetness of triple sec and cacao. The resulting drink, inspired by a traditional chocolate candy, balances nicely with wide appeal.
    Par scott.crofford

  9. Perfect ManhattanPerfect Manhattan 8,0/10

    Your run of the mill Manhattan, with the exception that it uses both types of Vermouth, removing the need for bitters by balancing the mixture.
    Par chris

  10. Old Caribbean 8,0/10

    A nice strong and sweet drink perfect for warm summer nights.
    Par orangepurples

  11. Apple Cinnamon Delight 8,0/10

    A delicious Autumn inspired drink with a strong cinnamon spice aftertaste.
    Par ajf1721

  12. Dr. Daniels 8,0/10

    Same as a Jack and Coke except you use Dr. Pepper.
    Par dlmtarjeft

  13. Mexican Dew 8,0/10

    Botanically refreshing.
    Par cynthia.townsend

  14. Batman Cocktail #1Batman Cocktail #1 8,0/10

    This is the more well known alcoholic version of the cocktail. It is dark and subtle, hence fits the name.
    Par johnniepop

  15. The Happy Grapefruit 8,0/10

    A refreshing Summer single serving drink
    Par KrisWi

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