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Jus de citron

Jus de citron

Type: Jus
Jus de citron fraichement pressé.

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Jus de citron

  1. Gin & Sin 7,0/10

    Tasty and refreshing classic.
    Par gcasta

  2. Leap YearLeap Year 7,0/10

    The Leap Year is a somewhat popular cocktail, at least it's been around for many years (1930's at least) and if it is not on the tips of tongues, it is at least in the back of some minds and a well-rounded Martini alternative. This is a sort of enhanced Gin & It or an orange-flavored Emerson.
    Par Gennekak

  3. Classic Ramos Gin Fizz 7,0/10

    Famous cocktail popularized by the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Huey Long's personal favorite.
    Par blake

  4. Virgin MargaritaVirgin Margarita 7,0/10

    A very easy non alcoholic but very tasty margarita. Serves 4.
    Par Angus

  5. Locked and Loaded 7,0/10

    Bourbon and Pomegranate juice cocktail
    Par john2626

  6. Tequila Sour 7,0/10

    A classic sour recipe
    Par David

  7. BOLS Lychee MartiniBOLS Lychee Martini 6,5/10

    Soft version with lots of alcohol
    Par craigtumilty

  8. Violettes Citrus Dream 6,5/10

    Surprisingly refreshing and sits well on the palette.
    Par craigtumilty

  9. Golden SlumberGolden Slumber 6,2/10

    A trendy drink to get the weekend started and a mood raiser for parties. This cocktail is a self-creation (as far as I know) to tickle your sense of taste.
    Par solicitor73

  10. French 75French 75 6,0/10

    Un déliceux drink à base de champagne, créé après la première guerre mondiale.
    Par David

  11. CCCCCC 6,0/10

    Canadian Club Cola : An excellent whisky and coke.
    Par David

  12. Gingerbread Collins 5,5/10

    A fantastic twist on the Tom Collins. Very simple to make, just replace the traditional sugar syrup with Monin Gingerbread syrup (NOT to be confused with Ginger Syrup). Try with care, you won't want a normal Tom Collins again after trying this
    Par Harvs

  13. Amèrouge 5,0/10

    A moody drink to start which combines Cachaça and Campari to an Aperitivo experience that caresses the palate.
    Par solicitor73

  14. Bitter Cherry Vodka 4,5/10

    I made this up whilst attempting a different cocktail. I had less ingredients than I thought, so I made this. It's an acquired taste, I think.
    Par James Hoye

  15. 13th Peach Fruit 3,0/10

    Refreshing non-alcoholic drink
    Par pikkumonto

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