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Type: Mixer

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Coke

  1. Double Double 9,0/10

    A hefty drink of incredible strength and easy to consume smoothness. A staple at any heavy drinking event or a simple evening beverage.
    Par EvanMarback

  2. Boston Ice Tea 9,0/10

    Variation of a Long Island.
    Par RossTomsen

  3. Long Island Ice TeaLong Island Ice Tea 8,9/10

    Or 'Long Island Iced Tea' : A very popular long drink.
    Par Athena

  4. Rhum ColaRhum Cola 8,7/10

    Un des drinks les plus simples et des plus populaires. Un classique instanné!
    Par David

  5. One Of Those Things 8,6/10

    This is seriously ONE OF THOSE THINGS! One of those things that you will never forget, not the taste of that first sip. One of those things that will never fail to impress your friends. One of those things that you will continue enjoying! JUST, One of those things. :)
    Par missmoomoo

  6. Vanilla Russian 8,5/10

    A Dirty Black Russian with Vanilla Coke to smooth it all out.
    Par BAnthonyT

  7. Black Rat 8,4/10

    Black rat is the Australian slang for rum cola and is a popular mix among the Aussies.
    Par charliewilliams

  8. Cuba Libre Mimi 8,4/10

    Cuba Libre avec une touche de douceur !!!!
    Par raftmimi

  9. Cuba LibreCuba Libre 8,1/10

    Un rhum cola cubain
    Par David

  10. Mostly Dead On Arrival 8,0/10

    A very strong cocktail, that might grow hair on your palms !
    Par 200ProofDAVE

  11. Welcome to room 666 8,0/10

    This Is An Extremely Strong Drink That's Perfect For Halloween.
    Par 200ProofDAVE

  12. Devil's Island Ice TeaDevil's Island Ice Tea 8,0/10

    A VERY, VERY strong cocktail that might grow hair on your palms, and make you howl at the moon.
    Par 200ProofDAVE

  13. Circus Freak 7,6/10

    Zany twist on a rum and coke. Perfect for kickstarting your night at the bar, especially if you are late or tired.
    Par AlienGruvGod

  14. Jack et CokeJack et Coke 7,2/10

    Un drink très populaire aux Etats-Unis.
    Par David

  15. CCCCCC 6,0/10

    Canadian Club Cola : An excellent whisky and coke.
    Par David

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