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A bomb recipe for Jager and Red Bull (where a shot glass is dumped in a beer glass filled with another drink).

[Laid] [Simple]

Ingrédients [ oz | cl ][ Mon bar ]
2 oz Jägermeister®[ Ajouter ]
1 Red Bull[ Ajouter ]
Méthode: Préparer dans le verre
Verre: à bière
  1. Fill beer glass to around about half way with Red bull (Basically one can of Red Bull).
  2. Serve the shot of Jager separately.
  3. The drinker drops the shot glass in to the beer glass, and consumes the mix.
  4. Very similar to the JagerBull except the drink mixes whilst being consumed.

Volume: 2,0 oz
Unités d'alcool: 2,1 verres standard
Alcool par volume (ABV): 35%


Nombre de visionnement: 22491
Evaluation moyenne: 6,0 (1 évaluation)

Mon évaluation


Found this method whilst researching the JagerBull. The method is somewhat of a ceremony, and has been extended to createing a JagerBomb Train, where a line of beer glasses are prepared with a the shot balancing between 2 glassed. Then a domino effect is triggered, knocking all the shots in to their glass, which is then consumed at pace.

The flavour is actually quite satisfying, but the method, especially as a JagerBomb train, is really all about the ceremony.

The overall effect is that the depressant effects of the alcohol are masked by the stimulative effects of the Red Bull, leading to an odd high. This is traditionally served at the beginning of an evening before carrying on with full-on partying.

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