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A variation of a Jagerbomb (in German-speaking countries called a "Turbojäger") using beer - like bombs did originally - as the shot carrier rather than an energy drink


Ingrédients [ oz | cl ][ Mon bar ]
1 Beck's[ Ajouter ]
0.25 shot Schnapps aux pêches[ Ajouter ]
0.75 shot Jägermeister®[ Ajouter ]
Méthode: Préparer dans le verre
Verre: old-fashioned
  1. 3 x parts Jagermeister in a shot glass
  2. 1 x part Peach Schnapps added to shot glass
  3. 1 x tumbler of Beck’s Beer (or any cold lager beer - preferably European if not German) add shot glass to it so that lip of shot is level with (or just below) beer
  4. DO NOT SHOOT – sip beer so that shot glass tips at edge and contents mix in the mouth.
  5. Serve beer cold and spirits preferably at room temperature or alternatively cool

Volume: 1,5 oz
Unités d'alcool: 1,4 verre standard
Alcool par volume (ABV): 32%


Nombre de visionnement: 61282
Evaluation moyenne: 10,0 (1 évaluation)

Mon évaluation


This is best taken as a sipping cocktail (not for shooting but can be) with the 3 German ingredients mixing on the tongue and has a great kick at 32% ABV. My friend devised it with all German ingredients for my particular taste. Panzer = "Tank", Meister = "Master"

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