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Flaming Dr Pepper

Tastes like the soft drink Dr Pepper, although Dr Pepper is not one of its ingredients!

[Happy Hour] [Party] [Shooter]

Ingredients [ oz | cl ][ My Bar ]
14 oz Bacardi 151[ Add ]
8 oz Beer[ Add ]
0.75 shot Amaretto[ Add ]
Method: Prepare in the glass
Glass: Beer
  1. Take a shot glass and fill it 3/4 with Amaretto.
  2. Top with 151 proof liquor.
  3. Ignite the Amaretto/151 and let it burn for a while.
  4. Drop inside a half-filled beer glass. That should extinguish it.
  5. Use which ever kind of beer you like when at home, when you are at the bar it would be which ever tap beer you like.
  6. Be careful that you don't get hit in the mouth with the shot glass...

Volume: 9.4 oz
Alcohol units: 2.7 standard drinks
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10%


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Average Score: 6.0 (1 vote)

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A lot of drunk people at the bars where catching themselves on fire, so the bar owner stopped it!

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