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That's a tasty layered shooter that underlines the STROH 80's spiced, overproof rum character.

[Beautiful] [Christmas] [Dessert] [Halloween] [Happy Hour] [Party] [Shooter] [Strong] [Sweet]

Ingredients [ oz | cl ][ My Bar ]
1 part Stroh 80[ Add ]
1 part Baileys Irish Cream[ Add ]
1 part Jägermeister®[ Add ]
Method: Prepare in the glass
Glass: Shooter
  1. Pour the Irish cream in the shooter glass, then carefully layer the Jagermeister.
  2. The overproof rum is layered on the top.
  3. Ignite the rum.
  4. Wait for 4-5 seconds and when the flame starts to have a good shape, just blow it and shoot.
  5. Be very careful no to ingest a burning liquid!
  6. Be sure you've put out the flame, before the glass touches your lips!

Volume: 3.0 oz
Alcohol units: 4.0 standard drinks
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 44%


Times viewed: 38588
Average Score: 9.0 (1 vote)

My Score


Of course the shooter can be made non-Stroh themed by replacing the rum with another high proof rum (Bacardi 151, etc.), or entirely Stroh themed by involving the Stroh Cream liqueur, the Stroh jagertee and the already mentioned Stroh 80. As you can see this one shooter with many faces. Enjoy!

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