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I am a White Christian widower, who works as a Classical musician & composer, and I enjoy playing computer board-games. I am also an amateur scholar in French Renaissance, Hyper-modern, and Richardson Victorian architecture.

200ProofDAVE's Favourites

Cocktails tested by the user

  1. Dave's Black Widower (my score: 9)
  2. Rest in Peace You Blue Moron (my score: 9)
  3. (my score: 8)
  4. Mostly Dead On Arrival (my score: 8)
  5. Welcome to room 666 (my score: 8)
  6. St. Patrick, The Irish Sailor (my score: 8)
  7. 100 Comforting Southern Cinns (my score: 8)
  8. Devil's Island Ice Tea (my score: 8)
  9. Sam AdamDew's Comforts (my score: 7)
  10. Hell Is On Fire (my score: 7)

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