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Type: Mixer

Added by Athena

All cocktails made with Lemonade

  1. My Pink LadyMy Pink Lady 8.0/10

    A glamourous drink that sure to 'tickle you pink'.
    By Athena

  2. Arnold PalmerArnold Palmer 7.2/10

    A very refreshing summer mocktail
    By David

  3. Lemon Bite 7.0/10

    A sassy drink when warm, but very light when over the rocks.
    By burntfrieser

  4. Blue Frog 6.7/10

    Simple and refreshing!
    By David

  5. Steamboat 6.5/10

    A simple southern drink
    By David

  6. BullfrogBullfrog 6.0/10

    A popular upgraded lemonade
    By David

  7. Cheap loveCheap love 6.0/10

    A 'cheap' refreshing cocktail for anyone who loves a good drink but is low on cash!!!
    By Athena

  8. Looper

    Refreshing drink
    By scuba

  9. Georgia Swamp Water

    For authenticity, serve in a Mason Jar (Kilner Jar).
    By deenybean

  10. LoLo Drink

    A drink with Blueberry liqueur
    By ivan89le

  11. Green Daemon

    A strong drink, enough to summon any daemon.
    By David

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