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Cocktails de la catégorie Dessert

Les meilleurs cocktails à servir comme dessert

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  1. One Of Those Things 8,6/10

    This is seriously ONE OF THOSE THINGS! One of those things that you will never forget, not the taste of that first sip. One of those things that will never fail to impress your friends. One of those things that you will continue enjoying! JUST, One of those things. :)
    Par missmoomoo

  2. Martini au chocolatMartini au chocolat 8,5/10

    Un drink tout simple, à déguster au dessert.
    Par David

  3. Tummy BoomTummy Boom 8,5/10

    Two Italian originals in a stunning looking shooter.
    Par johnniepop

  4. Blue ArrowBlue Arrow 8,5/10

    Gin and oranges. Blue style. And nothing in common (unfortunately) with the Green Arrow. Not heroic, yet tasty and refreshing.
    Par johnniepop

  5. Caramel Appletini 8,5/10

    A sweet variation to the classic Appletini that tastes just like the carnival treat.
    Par lucjrow

  6. Café irlandaisCafé irlandais 8,4/10

    Un classique des plus simples.
    Par David

  7. MongoPongo 8,4/10

    Can make it dry using dry vermouth, or stronger using equal parts of vodka and vermouth; add lemon peel squeezed on the glass rim for a bitter taste or give it a few dashes of bitter. Make it a long drink adding 7up or club soda to tall glass
    Par litzcan

  8. After EightAfter Eight 8,4/10

    Avec un gout du chocolat du même nom
    Par David

  9. Creamsicle ShakeCreamsicle Shake 8,3/10

    Remiscent of the classic ice cream treat
    Par Lmramsey89

  10. The GrenarettonThe Grenaretton 8,3/10

    A layered cocktail made with only 3 ingredients. It's sweet, soft and sweet at the same time and very delicious.
    Par kpaenen

  11. (Joe's) Bounty 8,3/10

    Tastes just like a chocolate bounty bar
    Par whitehorse

  12. Purple People EaterPurple People Eater 8,3/10

    Simple, light, purple...
    Par almost2crazy

  13. Southern Warmer 8,3/10

    An excellent cocktail made with Southern Comfort (or at a pinch, peach schnapps) to sooth the throat and warm the cockles for those suffering a cold.
    Par stul

  14. Sex on the HorizonSex on the Horizon 8,3/10

    A delicious alternative to the infamous Sex on the Beach with beautiful sunrise and layer effects at the same time.
    Par johnniepop

  15. Brown Cow 8,2/10

    A simple drink with Kahlua
    Par David

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