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potencjalnie jak dokupie skladniki

potencjalnie jak dokupie skladniki

potencjalnie jak dokupie skladniki

Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tonic Water, Tequila (Gold), Tequila, Sweet Vermouth, Sweet and Sour, Superfine Sugar. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by Teza

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  1. Herbal G.O.H

    This cocktail introduced by Vimukthi Sumathiratne for Sri Lankan dinner buffet
    By vimukthi sumathiratne

  2. ManhattanManhattan

    Some would call the Manhattan the most classic cocktail, or the King of Cocktails.
    By David

  3. Rob RoyRob Roy

    The Gaelic cousin of the popular Manhattan.
    By David

  4. Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise

    One of the most beautiful cocktails!
    By David

  5. DaiquiriDaiquiri

    One of the simplest cocktails you can do using white rum. Cuban Rum (ex: Havana Club) really turns an average cocktails into a great one!
    By David

  6. Blue Pineapple

    Frozen Blue Margarita
    By Shaun

  7. UppercutUppercut

    By G_Y_I_G_Y_I

  8. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour

    A very simple Amaretto Sour recipe. Almond-flavored sharpness!
    By David

  9. Bandicoot

    I created this cocktail for our college get together party of Maliyadeva College 89 group
    By vimukthi sumathiratne

  10. Toasted Almond

    A fresh drink with Amaretto and Kahlua.
    By bouvrais

  11. Narranga

    A fresh and sweet beverage for those hot days or at a party when you're having fun. To put it short: drink it whenever, wherever you can.
    By kpaenen

  12. SunkissSunkiss

    A splash of sun!
    By David

  13. Margarita - The OriginalMargarita - The Original

    The original and true Margarita recipe. The orange liqueur it contains being the only sweeteness it needs.
    By David

  14. Rose of VenezuelaRose of Venezuela

    Created in Venice, Italy. Dedicated to a beautiful venezuelan woman.
    By Carlo

  15. Lemon DaiquiriLemon Daiquiri

    A great classic recipe I rediscovered when I ran out of limes for my daiquiri
    By David

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